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This is an exposition of the wonderful world of astro-geography. It's also an attempt to convince you of both the demonstrable reality and extreme usefulness of astrology.

I have chosen this area of the craft because it is the most obvious way into astrology for those who know little about the subject while simultaneously of great interest to other astrologers. Some stunning, very obvious correspondences can be easily seen and with some explanation, understood. Lines go through the places we would expect them to, given the person to which they apply. You will be looking at maps you are familiar with crossed by lines you are not, rather than suffering me trying to explain the wiggily abstract complexity of a horoscope.

In a nutshell astro-geography is a way of showing similar information to that contained in a horoscope. But in this system places planets are powerful are shown by lines spread across the Earth, rather than being encapsulated in a circular diagram. Horoscopes are about innate personal potential and timing; astro-geography is about personal location.

AstroCartoGraphy lines show where planets were rising, setting, culminating and anticulminating at the moment of birth. Thus an AstroCartoGraphy map of the world has lines which illustrate where the Sun was rising, setting, at it's daily highest (culminating) at its 'lowest' (anticulminating) around the world. It also includes lines where all the other planets were doing these same things.

Local Space astrology projects other lines onto the map, which radiate out from the places of birth in straight lines (but showing up curved on big maps due to the fact that though we live on a sphere, maps are flat) to the place where the planet was directly overhead and back again, i.e. going right round the world.

There are many other factors to take into account when reading geographically. But if you explore the examples in well-known lives provided here you will see how astro geography often works in a very obvious way.

Locational Astrology Profiles. Click on a link :: Barack Obama - Queen Elizabeth II - Bob Geldof - George W Bush - Margaret Thatcher - Tony Blair

Example Illustrations: Elvis

Elvis Presley Horoscope

1. Conventional horoscope for Elvis Presley. Note that the Sun was below the horizon when he was born. It was rising in the middle of the Atlantic and across South America.

Elvis: sun rise and sunset lines

2. Astrocartography. Lines showing where the Sun was rising (white) and setting (black) at the moment Elvis Presley was born.

Elvis: sun rise and sunset lines

3. Astrocartography. Lines added showing where the Sun was culminating - at its high point (solid) and anticulminating - at its lowest point (dashed).

Elvis: sun rise and sunset lines

4. Astrocartography. AstroCartography lines of all the major planets for Elvis. Too many to show at this scale!

Elvis: sun rise and sunset lines

5. Local Space Lines. Radiating from Elvis' birth place, Tupelo, USA, to the places across the globe where the planet was directly overhead (actual locations shown by planet symbol over location on the map).

  HomeAstro Geography › Astro Geography Explained

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