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Astro Geography: Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof: Astro Geography - UK and Ireland

The map above shows local space lines radiating from the place of birth of Bob Geldof. By far the most notable in his life has been the Uranus line, which crosses the Irish sea and runs directly through Wembley, central London and very close to Faversham, all places at the centre of Geldof's life and career.

Geldof's website describes him as a Devil's Advocate, Open-planned Politician, Freelance Genius and Natural Irritant. He is also a highly successful businessman, an ex-new wave rock star (whose music was often controversial and sometimes banned), the force behind Band Aid and its off-shoots (which raised more than 100 million to help the starving in Africa) and a campaigner against injustices in family law. Geldof made money through Planet 24, the company behind Channel Four's cutting edge early morning TV show The Big Breakfast as well as an online travel company, Deckchair.com.

All of this resonates with the Uranus lines we see here. Astrologically Uranus is revolutionary, highly inventive, sometimes reactionary, controversial, humanitarian, outspoken and radical. This brings some exciting action into the life - for example Geldof was behind some fantastic illumination of buildings in London during Christmas 2003 (inventive use of electricity and lights is classically Uranian). Geldof's life has been described as frantic, but he says he has made it this way at least partially as a fight against boredom. This is the kind of life I would expect someone with a horoscope like Geldof's to lead when living on this line. While he has made so much of himself as a public person in Wembley (site of Live Aid), London and Faversham (sites of homes and business) it seems that its has often been at the expense of stability in his life as a private person. He suffered the terrible loss and indignity of his wife (Paula Yates) leaving him for Michael Hutchence and then that couple's subsequent tragic and wasteful deaths. Geldof has talked openly and honestly (both characteristics of the planet Uranus) about depression, his broken heart and the loss he felt through all of this. Instability is often the payback of living on as exciting line as the Uranus line.

Bob Geldof: Astro Geography - Greece

Note how the line continues through Europe and passes close to Athens, scene of a huge riot when Geldof played there in The Boomtown Rats. Riots and uprisings are classic Uranian events.

Bob Geldof: Astro Geography - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The local space Node line runs straight through Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where Paula Yates, Geldof's wife and mother of his three children made her name presenting The Tube TV Music programme. As in the Queen's case, we can see the themes of connection, family and blood line are connected to a 'Node' place.

The only place in the world where Geldof has a crossing of lines directly over a capital city is in the Ethiopian capital, Adis Abeba. This map shows the crossing of the Chiron local space line with the Moon's Node rising line. Of course, Ethiopia was the country that so influenced Geldof when he saw the terrible suffering there when through a BBC report on famine. As we know the Node is associated with connection, groups of people and blood lines. It was this fellow feeling that arose in Geldof and spurred him into action.

The other element in the equation is the planetoid Chiron. Many astrologers associate this factor with wounding, suffering and health issues - and this would certainly apply to the situation Geldof saw in Ethiopia - but others, myself included, feel it is more to do with having the guts to try, to do more than you think you can, to bite off more than you can chew. Whatever - a suffering population came to the attention of Geldof and he certainly did bite off more than he could chew and make a huge success of it.

It's also worth noting that another individual with this combination very strong in her chart is Oprah Winfrey, who has a similar theme of helping people in her life.

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