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  • Sun Sign Guide What does it mean to "be" a certain Sun Sign? Which famous people share your sign?

For Astrologers.

  • To Hell and Back My own experiences of journeys through and around my astro geographical lines. This is about Norway (April 2006).
  • Tables, Plates and Grandma Some cosmic things related to my Grandma went down. I looked at the astrology (March 2006).
  • "Extras" Follow-up writing on Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant's follow-up to "The Office". Astrological Association Transit site, opens in a new window (September 2005 - Astrological Association Transit Site).
  • Reading Untimed Charts What can an astrologer to do when the time of birth is unknown? Here are some ideas (2005).
  • Astrology Misunderstood Read this if you are skeptical about astrology. So was I! (2004).
  • Now and Sven A look at the chart of the England Football manager at the time of a scandal (August 2004). Contains prediction of Sven's dire September 2005. Which came to pass with England losing to Northern Ireland for the first time in decades, calls for him to be sacked and his private life suddenly back in the spotlight, all bang on schedule.
  • The Astrology of "The Office" Some notes on the huge comedy hit from the BBC, including a look at the chart of Ricky Gervais (May 2004 - Astrological Assocation Transit Site).
  • The Ballad of John and Edwina Transits in the chart of former British Prime Minister John Major and the astrology of his affair with Edwina Currie (November 2002 Astrological Association Site).

Book Reviews.

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