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Pete Watson: Photo by James Pike

Like many professional astrologers I am self-taught, having spent more than 20 years studying astrology, reading charts and developing my own methods in astrological work. However, I have given lectures at two of the major astrological forums in London, namely the Urania Trust and The Astrological Lodge, and I have attended workshops and lectures by many of the world’s most renowned astrologers.

My specialities are locational and midpoint astrology, which I apply to reading horoscopes, making predictions and assessing how a client might relate to another person, a geographical location or an entity such as a country or company. You see an example of my work at here, and in The Astrological Journal of March/April 2003. I also have an article in the June/July 2006 edition of The Mountain Astrologer..

Apart from giving chart readings and consultations, however, I am currently working on a book.

I have worked with people from all walks of life - rich and poor, famous and unknown - and have now read thousands of charts. I find astrology to be an extremely flexible system that can not only inform us about our obvious concerns - love, health, wealth and happiness - but can also give insights into our own particular hang-ups, and our unseen and untapped potential. Astrology can inform and advise us about opportune times and places to holiday, meditate, use our creativity, exercise, or carry out research - to me the applications of astrology are as diverse as life itself. Astrologers can and do work with issues varying from eating disorders to stock market investments to career advice.
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