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Astro Geography: Queen Elizabeth II

Astro Geography - UK

Here is a familiar map of southern Britain crossed by unfamiliar lines. Lines related to the exact birth time and place of the Queen. It's a section of her astro-geography map. As explained above, there are two types of lines shown on the map. The lines that radiate from London are local space lines, these run from the birthplace to various locations around the world where factors were overhead at the time of her birth.

In this section of the total world map there are also two lines that don't connect with London; these are AstroCartoGraphy lines. One goes directly up and down the page, passing through all the places on the map where Saturn was culminating the moment of birth. The other passes through Sandringham and curves cross-country to the south-west. This is where the Moon's Node was setting at the moment of the Queen's birth.

In astro-geographical theory all these lines have meaning, showing where and how a person may connect with places, as well as the opposite, how places may meet with a person. I know that last phrase sounds strange, but please bear with me - all will be revealed.

The map includes some places that have been personally important to the Queen. Note how these are exactly on or close to the lines. Some thoughts on what these places mean to the monarch follow.

Queen Elizabeth II - Horoscope

Surprisingly Elizabeth II wasn't actually born in a Palace or a hospital. She was born in a house - 17 Bruton Street, London. Rather normal for someone whose life was to be anything but. If we were to zoom in from this macro-view to a Central London map, it would be possible to see a line running from her birthplace and straight through Buckingham Palace, her London residence and what everyone recognises as the location most associated with the British monarchy. This is the Saturn line, associated with ambition, difficulties, dedication, work, discipline, limits, responsibility and career. The Queen calls the Royal family "the firm", this reflects the business-like power of Saturn in her chart - almost exactly overhead in London at her birth. In many respects, reflecting the power of Saturn in her chart, the Queen has lived a Saturn-type life involving restriction, holding things together, duty and the like. Maybe she calls the palace "The Office" - it is certainly where she does a lot of work; meeting heads of state, giving out medals, trundling off in a carriage to open parliament, waving from the balcony on special occasions and regularly meeting with the current Prime Minister.

Queen Elizabeth II - Astro Geography, Grantham

Grantham is a town that came to the Queen in the living form of Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving Prime Minister during her reign. The place has not featured strongly in the Queen's life directly but did through this head of government. It has been reported that the relationship between these two was very poor. Certainly the country went under a great deal of change under Thatcher, including the Falklands War, inner city riots, the poll tax farce and many other ructions. It's hard to know what the Queen thought of all this, but with this the Saturn line passing through Thatcher's birthplace I wouldn't be at all surprised if she found it distressing in the extreme.

The Queen spends a good deal of time resident in Windsor, living in the largest occupied castle in the world. Like Grantham, the town is on her Saturn line, a place where she is liable to experience limits and responsibilities. The Queen is passionate about the castle and its heritage. When Pluto moved over the same degree in the sky as that of the Queen's Saturn the castle suffered a terrible destructive fire. This was in 1992, toward the end of the Queen's famous Annus Horribilis. While most of the treasured art collection was saved, over a hundred rooms in the castle were badly damaged or destroyed. The resulting restoration cost 37 million. The Queen paid 70% of this, part funding her payment through money earned by the opening of an area of Buckingham Palace to the public. By 1993, as a direct result of those costs, the Queen was paying tax. Thus the effect of the event at this location was that the Queen had to take on personal responsibility for her estate and become a taxed person. Taxation is a classic manifestation of the limits, responsibilities and burdens of Saturn. Venus, to do with art and money passes close by, scoring a direct hit on Ascot (see below).

Queen Elizabeth II - Astro Geography: Windsor and Ascot

It's interesting to note that Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle as places have much of the feel of Saturn. Both are old, gray and traditional. Windsor, being a classic castle, is heavily defended by its thick walls and battlements, while the Palace lies a long way back from the roads and gardens around it, surrounded by high walls and iron railings, often appearing empty, cold and drab.

Ascot is the location of the annual royal horse racing festival. Held every June, it is opened by the Queen who rides down the track in one of her horse-drawn carriages on arrival, often accompanied by other Royals and always as part of a big public display. Royal Ascot was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. The royal races are a formal social occasion, marked by the rich and famous arriving with hampers, quaffing champagne and the women wearing stylish - or outrageous - hats.

The occasion's blend of formality and duty on one hand (Saturn) and fun and indulgence on the other (Venus) is a classic manifestation of the mix of these two astrological factors. The stuffiness and tradition are shown by the Saturn line passing through the place, whilst the sociability, emphasis on ladies fashion, money and indulgence are shown by the Venus local space line here.

Queen Elizabeth II - Astro Geography: Sandringham and Newmarket

Horse racing has provided the Queen with a great deal of pleasure over the years and given her an identity - even career - beyond the narrow confines of her duties. Newmarket is the capital of the British racing industry; it boasts two race tracks and is home to 2500 race horses, 70 licensed trainers and 60 stud farms. It is no surprise then to find this town on her local space Sun line. Sun lines offer the opportunity to find one's sense of purpose and direction, and to shine. Here we see the symbolic link between the Queen's great interest and the place it is centred. Astro-geography often illuminates places where someone can find something they truly connect with and enjoy.

Sandringham is the location of a country residence used by the royal family every year from Christmas until February, as well as a popular location for their summer holidays. It was the place where Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer first met. In fact, the place originally came to the royals through Diana's forebears. Diana was also born here.

The factor the Queen has running straight through this location is the Moon's Node, which is associated with groups of people (and thus families and social connections), blood lines and like-minded groups. It's interesting that the royal blood line has continued via a woman born here (Diana gave birth to the two princes - "an heir and a spare"). The Queen would certainly feel comfortable here, it's an excellent place for her to relax away from the duties and stresses found on her more formal Saturn lines.

Highgrove House, country residence of Prince Charles lies just to the south of Tetbury thus feeling the "impact", for want of a better word, of the Queen's Mars, Jupiter and Neptune local space lines. Mars/Neptune is often active in cases of scandal and Jupiter tends to inflate whatever it touches, so it is unsurprising to find that the tabloid attention to the sordid details of the breakdown of the Charles/Diana marriage came through this place and into the Queen's life. There has been a great deal of speculation as to what the Queen really thinks of her son and heir. One look at these lines suggests that her feelings are complex and uneasy. In career terms it points to where chaos and disillusion have frayed the edges of "the firm".

An interesting fact when considering all of these maps, and the astrology of the Queen in general is that her chart is rather dominated by Saturn. Thus duty, prudence, caution and closing ranks come naturally to her and are the approach she chooses to any gathering crisis. If I had worked with the Queen on her astro-geography I would have pointed out these lines out to the West and told her that this could be a place from which trouble could come.

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