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Astro Geography: George W Bush

Written in 2004.

The first line to look at here is the local space Mars line which, before arriving on this map, passes though Glasgow (birthplace of some fierce political opponents of his), Edinburgh (birthplace of his staunch ally, Tony Blair) and Berlin (capital of Germany, opponents of the Iraq war). On the map we see the line as it comes through Turkey, clips Syria, passes close to Baghdad and runs along the Iran/Iraq border for several hundred miles. Mars is to do with aggression and its resolution and thus can manifest itself in war. It's interesting to note that Bush has had run ins with both Iran and Iraq and worrying that this line between old enemies could still play itself out in some problematic manner while he is in power.

George W Bush: Astro Geography - Middle East

Incidentally, there are many other examples of Mars lines playing out as aggression. John F Kennedy, the US President who came closest to war with the Soviet Union had a Mars line within a hundred miles of Moscow and President Trueman had a Mars line right through Korea where he led US military involvement.

Next we note that Bush's Mars Midheaven line runs through the centre of Afghanistan, scene of his first military adventure. This being a Midheaven line - the planet culminating and high in the sky here as Bush was born - astrologers would expect Bush's ego and reputation to be at stake should he become involved in any way along its length.

A very interesting and potentially explosive factor shown here is Bush's Pluto Midheaven line running through the Middle East and passing exactly through Mecca, the spiritual centre of Islam. This is worrying because Pluto concerns restructuring things, sometimes to the point of destruction and because what we have seen of US foreign policy under Bush. I think few would argue against the notion that the Islamic world has become increasingly polarized as a result of Bush's rhetoric in the White House and his military aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would seem that more people in the West now see certain peoples - particularly Muslims - as a threat. Conflict between the Christian West and Islamic East has increased under this President and here we see the astrological evidence that points up a likelihood of Bush having such an effect if given power. We have seen the underhand, destructive side of Pluto here, but can hope to see the more positive aspect of the planet in reconstruction and empowerment some time in the future. Note also that Bush's Pluto (and Venus) local space line run through Manhattan, New York, where the terrible events of 9/11 sowed the seeds of the continuing bloodshed we see today.

Bush's Local Space Pluto and Venus line run through Manhattan, location of the World Trade Center

It's interesting to note how how these very same lines run through the Middle East, connecting events between Manhattan and that region.

Note from Home Page. Moved here April 2006.

George W Bush's Neptune Anticulminate line runs right through the area cruelly caught by Hurricane Katrina. There could not be a more appropriate line in through a place subjected to a severe tragedy involving water and flooding. The response to the disaster, for which Bush was ultimately responsible, was poorly led and badly organised.

detail of GW Bush astro geography map: New Orleans

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