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H ere are some genuine comments from my clientele. I asked them for their positive thoughts on what I do to share with the uninitiated and these are some of the responses.

I had a one-to-one consultation with Pete Watson at the end of last year that proved extremely beneficial in instigating clarity in my mind about the many turbulent events happening in my life over the last couple of years.

One way to describe such a consultation would be to simply imagine that you have poured out your life and soul to someone and now it was their chance to speak, to put things into perspective, to rationalise, to understand, and to reassure you that you are not mad but purely under Saturn's return! The most astonishing thing is that Pete never met me before and yet he knew exactly what I was going through and how I felt without me having to say a word… Bliss!

Everybody needs some sort of support in their lives, be it emotional, mental, and physical yet astrology holds the key to a different type of fundamental support that impacts on every aspect of your being. There are signs and gentle nudges in life to get you on the right path and Pete, messenger and interpreter, can either re-confirm what you know deep down is right, show you a different viewpoint totally, or in turn address those issues to which you may turn a blind eye. He is not there to tell me what to do but to let me know when the climate is right, so I know whether to bring a beach towel or an umbrella!

If I had the means I would probably have Pete on tap to advise me on both business and personal decisions like I would a financial advisor or an older brother. Every bit of guidance helps when making life choices that could affect you for years, and allocating for such guidance should be implemented in any good business or life plan.

Music Artist Manager and Writer, London

When I first met Pete, I knew little of astrology and was very quick to point out its obvious absurdities. I would say dull-witted things like ‘how can you expect everyone to be one of only twelve types?’. It hadn’t occurred to me that the world doesn’t care if you believe in astrology or not; nature continues to go about it’s unnatural business regardless. If your viewpoint is a scientific one, astrology holds all the trump cards – it IS the earliest science. If you know next to nothing about this science (absurd as it may appear) how can you make comments on its validity?

After sitting in with Pete on his chart readings of many of my close friends and associates, I have seen a total of perhaps 30 horoscopes explained. I cannot now say ‘Astrology does not work’ this would be pointless. I have witnessed Pete describe in detail the character and behaviour of people whom he has never met. There is nothing supernatural at work, it’s merely a system that is currently ‘unfashionable’ in the modern world. My guess is that the most successful or powerful people today are well aware of astrology and it’s implications; they like to keep astrology to the back pages of the tabloids where nobody will take any notice. What you don’t know won’t harm you.

My understanding now is that those who ‘don’t believe in astrology’ know nothing about it.

Pete doesn’t have any Magic Answers to tell your partner or the golden ticket out of your bad job. He won’t even tell you which horse will come first (don’t think I haven’t tried this one). Astrology and ‘prediction’ are two things that you have to think through a little more clearly. If this world worked like clockwork, what would we all be looking for? Pete has helped me to understand that life holds many possibilities and routes, none more valid than the next. Our understanding of ourselves and of the people around us can be highlighted using astrology as a tool. You can use statistics or geometry, a magnifying glass or a trumpet; how you interpret the world is up to you.

Astro-geography gets you thinking. The fascinating subject of how your life is moulded by the places you visit. Even the sceptics have to bow down to this one. I have used Pete to plan projects in other countries and even to choose destinations as a route to my final goal. I will often take his advice before a short trip abroad and bear his words in mind as I make decisions on my route. Even if astrology is total nonsense, I’ve enjoyed myself simply by following his lines on a map. Throw your Lonely Planet book down a volcano and follow Lonely Pete instead.

Pete is honest and straightforward. He is excited by his work and wants to share what he has learned with others. He doesn’t look like Kilroy or Letterman and isn’t out to make a big noise. Pete treats the work like a science, with respect and care; he does not try to bamboozle or impress with cosmic mumbojumbo. I’ve never seen him wearing purple or juggling.

Roland Hamilton
Artist, Paris

Those seeking scientific explanations for how astrology works are missing the point. Just because there may not be a rational explanation does not mean it should be dismissed. Pete's great skill lies in combining an artistic/scientific or left/right brain approach; rationalism with intuition. A good chart interpretation relies on succinct translation of swathes of data into understandable English; Pete manages to combine the roles of scientist, philosopher, and advisor to do this very successfully.

I would recommend Pete to anyone. I can accurately assess his development as an astrologer through his analysis of my own chart over twenty plus years and it never stops getting better! Pete can not only highlight people's personality traits, times of key life-changing events (and their impact) but can also look at the most significant future planetary developments and how they are liable to impact a life. The emphasis here is not so much a question of ‘tell me what's going to happen’ but more ‘what am I likely to be able to achieve if I set my mind to it’. Thus his astrological approach is a two-way process, requiring the client to look at his or her own aims, biases and ambitions within the context of the charts being translated. I think this is where Pete's work is really exciting. He seems actively involved in taking astrology onto a new level - beyond the mere analysis of birth data and magical thinking and into the realms of social psychology.

Will Dingli
Senior Press Officer at the Disability Rights Commission, London

Before having my chart read by Pete Watson, I had a healthy amount of skepticism with regards to astrology. Pete told me things about my past he couldn't have known, including the year of my father's death and the year of when I moved away from England to live abroad. Pete's very sensitive and made me feel totally at ease throughout the reading. I have no hesitation in recommending him thoroughly.

Alex Berardi
Alumni Manager, University of Brighton

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