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My Chart

The major features are an extreme emphasis on Earth signs (including a grand trine in Earth sign placed planets), only one planet in a Fire sign (Mars in Leo), only one planet in a personal sign (Moon in Taurus) and only one planet in a Cardinal sign (the Sun in Capricorn). There are also a lot of planets in fixed signs.

Some of the important midpoint structures are:

  1. NO=SO/MO

  2. VE/NE=AS=SA/UR=ME/PL (these three midpoints are all conjunct the descendant)

  3. MO=MA/SA


My Moon is 3/16ths of a circle from Jupiter (orb 1')

My most integrated harmonic chart is the 25th

12:45 p.m. GMT, 5th January 1963.
Merstham, UK. 51N15 00W09.

  Home › Biography › My Chart

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