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Astro Geography Lines

Each of the planet symbols in the chart below links to a delineation of meaning of the line in question. There are also examples of the line in action in the life of well-known people in each case. In order to make sense this index you will need an astro-geography map.

Please CLICK on a symbol for information on the line it indicates. A new window will open.

Sun Midheaven Moon Midheaven Mercury Midheaven Venus Midheaven Mars Midheaven Jupiter Midheaven Saturn Midheaven Uranus Midheaven Neptune Midheaven Pluto Midheaven Node Midheaven Sun Ascendant Sun Anticulminate Moon Ascendant Saturn Ascendant Saturn Anticulminate Moon Anticulminate Mercury Anticulminate Venus Anticulminate Mars Anticulminate Jupiter Anticulminate Uranus Anticulminate Neptune Anticulminate Pluto Anticulminate Node Anticulminate Uranus Ascendant Mercury Ascendant Neptune Ascendant Venus Ascendant Mars Ascendant Jupiter Ascendant Pluto Ascendant Node Ascendant Sun Descendant Moon Descendant Mercury Descendant Venus Descendant Mars Descendant Jupiter Descendant Saturn Descendant Uranus Local Space Mars Local Space Pluto Local Space Node Local Space Uranus Descendant Neptune Descendant Pluto Descendant Node Descendant Jupiter Local Space Neptune Local Space Chiron Local Space Mercury Local Space Venus Local Space Sun Local Space Moon Local Space Saturn Local Space

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